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MERCH4U  offers its customers such services as shelf display and market data collection. Our long-term experience in merchandising allows us to deal with a significant number of customers, either foreign or local manufacturers.

Our clients are

3 000+ trade points

Goods shelf display and high visual merchandise appeal play a special part in merchandising system.

All federal retail chains

Our grate working experience with large retail chains and small stores allows our customers to count on a high level of service regardless of the scale of their project.

35 cities

Today we are ready to offer you a professional service related to shelf display throughout the entire territory of Russia, providing availability of full range of goods on shelves, display of promotional materials.

Monitoring and analysis

We provide control over quality of shelf display and arrangement of promotional actions, by means of analysis of data related to shelf stocks in a store and providing recommendations on a request to the distribution center.

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Customer Benefits

Availability of senior management of the company for the client.

High speed of coordination and resolution of issues.

Flexible approach.

Working with projects of different scale, including small ones.

You can write to us office@merch4u.biz

or call +7 (499) 553-65-54

Employees Benefits

Employment in accordance with the law.

Working in the international company.

Decent wage. 

Flexible working hours.

You can write to us job@merch4u.biz

or call +7 (499) 553-65-54

Заказать обратный звонок